Woking 20th Century & Art Deco Fair

Details of Woking 20th Century & Art Deco Fair.

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Venue: Woking Leisure Centre, Kingfield Road, Woking, Surrey GU22 9BA
Event Type: 20th century design & art deco
Opening times: 9.00am - 3.00pm (Trade 8.00am)
Admission: £3.50
Organiser: Take Five Fairs
Name: John Slade
Telephone: 020 8894 0218
Email: john.slade@antiquefairs.co.uk
The Woking 20th Century & Art Deco Fair is our most popular event, with lots of quality stalls including furniture, displaying eclectic items from the decorative arts. Pieces from the Nouveau era of the late nineteenth century through to the outbreak of World War I are displayed, through to the Deco period of the nineteen twenties and thirties, as well as the retro styling of the swinging sixties. Items from the seventies are becoming collectable now such as Troika pottery.
There is bound to be something to appeal to the discerning collector or interior designer. Examples of the earlier period of Arts and Crafts are also displayed. You will find a high quality, wide range of decorative objects on offer. Expect to see pottery, porcelain, glass, metalware, lamps, furniture, paintings & prints, ephemera, textiles and many other decorative objects including jewellery and ladies' accessories.
We have also included some dealers specialising in later highly collectable wares from post-war to the nineteen seventies, such as French, Italian and Scandinavian glassware, plastics, costume jewellery and vintage accessories for the discerning lady. You can read up on most aspects of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements and collecting the periods with a visit to the reference book stand - well worth spending a pound or two here. Noticing a demand for quality new carpets and rugs, we have included a specialist dealer in this field.
The hallmark of the fairs is style, character, quality and the odd quirky and kitch piece. Interior designers, stylists and creators of fashion find these fairs the ideal place to source quality goods, all housed under one roof, cutting out hours of trawling around showrooms, markets and antique centres. You will find a magnificent range of English and European decorative and collectable items displayed on the wide variety of stands and furniture areas.
Expect to find the popular Art Deco ceramics represented by Ashtead Potters, Clarice Cliff, Doulton, Susie Cooper, Shelley, Carlton Ware, Crown Devon, Grays, Poole Pottery, Myott, Royal Winton, Wade, Wadeheath and much, much more. Often you will see works from French glass factories such as Lalique, Daum and Sabino, and of course all the British factories such as Whitefriars, Thomas Webb & Sons, John Walsh, Gray-stan, Jobling and Bagley.

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